Nuggets fever heats up as Denver enters NBA Finals – for the first time ever!

For die-hard Nuggets fans, this upcoming  NBA Finals appearance has been a long time coming. Nuggets fever is only going to run hotter as Game One on June 1st approaches… as are ticket prices! 



That’s why places like McGregor Square in LoDo are making plans for fun-filled watch parties. Some 2,500 people are expected to fill the square’s plaza and its VIP watch zones for the games, and a big reason is the big, stadium-sized LED screen. 

“The screen is a huge part of it,” said Brooke Bishop, COO of McGregor Square. “There’s no better outdoor watching screen to watch a game like this.”

Colorado sports fans also took over the square last year during the Avalanche’s Stanley Cup run. At times, it got a bit rowdy. 

“Some people get a little too enthusiastic and we’re here to make sure everyone feels comfortable,” Bishop told CBS News Colorado’s Kelly Werthmann. 

It got even more chaotic up the road at the Auraria Campus. Fans tore down fencing and rushed into the Tivoli Quad. Despite the Nuggets historic playoffs sweep, Auraria Campus will not host watch parties for the NBA Finals. A spokesperson for the campus did not explain why. 



But party plans are in the works at McGregor Square, and that includes safety strategies.

“For the Avalanche playoffs we had 75 security guards on site specifically for this space in the plaza, an additional 10 DPD [Denver Police Department officers] as well SWAT team on site, so those plans will all be very similar for the Nuggets,” said Bishop. 

The exact details for game day celebrations aren’t known yet, but Bishop promised they’ll be a slam dunk. 

“Luckily we have time,” she said. “[The Nuggets] swept [the Lakers] and gave us a couple of extra days.”

CBS News Colorado was told Ball Arena will host watch parties for all Nuggets road games during the 2023 Finals. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Kroenke Sports Charities and local community organizations.

Source: Rocky Mountain News

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