(PROTESTIA) – Transformation Church’s Lead Pastor Michael Todd, who is known for crowd surfing during his church’s worship service and spending a lot of money, including giving away $3,500,000 in houses, cash, and cars, spending $65,000 to buy 168 pairs of shoes, and purchasing a real estate complex for over $20,000,000, has given away $600,000 to three people during his Sunday service, paying tribute to the last survivors of Tulsa Race Massacre (TRM), describing the gifts as “reparations” for the ills that befell them and the suffering they have endured.

TRM took place in 1921, when a white mob raided and ransacked a black neighborhood, killing dozens of black men and women, looting their businesses, and burning their homes.

Speaking to a suspiciously sparse crowd after suspending in-person services for nearly 15 months, Todd explained: “We serve a God of reparations. Reparation is not a political word. Reparation is not a word that your left-wing friends or your right-wing friends have coined. Let me give you the definition of reparations. ‘The action of repairing something that was devastated.’ Reparations means that somebody is going to take up the mantle and actually put into action the process of repairing something that was destroyed.”

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