Our God is Greater than Everything

Our God is Greater than Everything

I want you to feel confident, if not comfortable, in the current tumultuous climate. This “trifecta” might easily capture your imagination negatively and put a damper on your spirits. It’s hard to remain optimistic when our minds imagine the worst. But we do not need to keep our minds there.

People of God throughout history have gone through seasons of difficulty and emerged with joy, resolution, and many essential qualities. So, take heart. God’s essential character allows us to remain hopeful. His love, His care, and His majestic presence—His Divine Nature—combine to give us a well-founded expectation of good. Paul said so in his famous assertion to the Roman Christians: “We know that God causes all things to work together for good, to those that love Him and are called according to purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

Isaiah lived under a looming cloud of uncertainty. His people were soon to be overrun by the world-conquering Assyrian army; a flood that would nearly destroy not only Israel, but also Judah. At such a time the only hope was for future good from the hand of Yahweh. “Comfort” for them would come in the form of Yahweh’s Servant (Messiah). Whenever a “voice cried out in the wilderness,” Yahweh would lead His followers to safety, tenderly, like a Shepherd (Isa. 40:1–11). This was the work of John the Baptist and of Jesus the Messiah. What an awesome, coming season of refreshing awaited those who would “wait for Yahweh” (Isa. 40:31)!

But, as I said, it was the nature of Yahweh that secured the promise and won over the hearts of His people. And consider this, the character qualities that could promise a coming Messiah and then work through history to fulfill His promise; those qualities continue to this day. The coming of Jesus as Israel’s Messiah provides all the proof we need. He still controls the nations. No purpose of theirs can prevail against Him. Nothing any leader devises can overrule Him.

  • His word stands forever (while national leaders come and go, Isa. 40:8)
  • If He can pour out our oceans from the “palm of His hand,” He can control any phenomenon our globe encounters (Isa. 40:12)
  • No force—natural or national—has the power or ability to stop His purpose (Isa. 40:17–24)
  • He knows everything I am going through…and cares (Isa. 40:27–28)
  • Not only does He never get weary, He strengthens us when we do (Isa. 40:29)

Isaiah was clearly speaking of the time Yahweh would bring comfort to His people by the coming of Messiah. Nothing—no leaders, no idols, no natural catastrophe—could keep Him from His purpose. We are deeply and permanently blessed: He brought Jesus into this world to bring us out of it.

But here is my point: He did not loose any of His majestic qualities once He completed it and fulfilled this promise. The same attributes continue to describe our God today. He expected Israel to trust Him based on of who He is; He expects the same of me today. And that is precisely why the trifecta does not alarm me. I remain positive; I’m in good hands.