Autoworkers strike cut Ford sales by 100,000 vehicles and cost company $1.7 billion in profits

DETROIT (AP) — A six-week United Auto Workers strike at Ford cut sales by about 100,000 vehicles and cost the company $1.7 billion in lost profits this year, the automaker said Thursday. Additional labor costs from the four-year and eight-month agreement will total $8.8 billion […]

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OPEC+ suppliers struggle to agree on cuts to oil production even as prices tumble

LONDON (AP) — The OPEC oil cartel led by Saudi Arabia and allied producers including Russia will try to agree Thursday on cuts to the amount of crude they send to the world, with prices having tumbled lately despite their efforts to prop them up. […]

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Multiple Powerball lottery players with wrong numbers still win jackpot – time ticket was checked key to getting prize

A NUMBER of lucky lottery players mistakenly won Powerball prizes after an error listed the incorrect winning numbers. The Iowa Lottery scrambled to fix the “human error” that saw early risers wrongly collect prizes on Tuesday morning. 2 Some Powerball players in Iowa were able […]

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$5k went from my Wells Fargo account, then another $5k – I was doing all the bank asked, they said it wasn’t ‘typical’

A WELLS Fargo customer said that two lots of $5,000 disappeared from her accounts in a situation the bank said was not ‘typical.’ Rowena Pagtakhan, from American Canyon, California, around 40 miles north of San Francisco, claimed this situation caused her a great deal of […]

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Oversight Committee Releases Email From Bank Investigator Who Flagged Chinese Money Laundered Into Joe Biden’s Pocket

Image CreditFDRLST / Canva House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman Rep. James Comer released an email Wednesday from a bank money laundering investigator who raised concerns about “unusual” financial activity surrounding $5 million from a Chinese company. Notably, $40,000 of the $5 million “landed” […]

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All The Ways Americans Benefit From Republicans Voting To Expel George Santos: There Are None (Except for Democrats!)

It’s really something that by the end of the week, the three things Republicans will have accomplished since taking control of the House will have all benefited the Democrats’ chances of taking power back next year and will have done nothing whatsoever to improve the […]

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