Palestinians Killed as Israeli Tanks Surround Another Gaza Hospital, Officials Say

Anas al-Shareef/Reuters

At least 12 people were killed by bombardment at a hospital in northeast Gaza surrounded by Israeli tanks, local health officials say, the latest reported deaths at the enclave’s medical facilities during Israel’s war against Hamas.

The situation at the Indonesian Hospital in the town of Beit Lahia has not yet been addressed by the Israeli military. Health officials in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip say around 700 patients and 5,000 displaced people were sheltering in the hospital before the strikes began.

Munner al-Bursh, general manager of Gaza’s health ministry, told Al Jazeera that the hospital was hit by artillery overnight. He alleged that the surgical department was targeted and that 12 civilians were killed in the blasts while several doctors were injured. Al-Bursh also claimed that several people were then gunned down by Israeli forces as they tried to leave the hospital, and that no one has been able to collect their bodies.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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