Parents of Woman Found ‘Melted’ Into Maggot-Infested Couch Plead No Contest to Manslaughter

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A Louisiana couple on Monday pleaded no contest to reduced charges of manslaughter in the death of their daughter who was found “melted” into a sofa covered in maggots and human waste.

The emaciated remains of Lacey Fletcher, 36, were found at her family’s home in Slaughter in January 2022. The room in which she was found stank of feces and urine, and the floor was buckling as a result of the pooling waste beneath the sofa, according to sources cited by WBRZ-TV.

Sheila and Clay Fletcher, both 66, had previously denied charges of second-degree murder. East Feliciana District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla said his office intends to seek a maximum sentence of 40 years, according to The Advocate.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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