(CHRISTIAN HEADLINES) – A Las Vegas pastor is well on the road to recovery after an assailant stabbed him 21 times with a butcher knife inside his home back in March.

The Rev. Russ Smethers, who serves as associate pastor at Abundant Peace Church in Las Vegas, was left with skull and facial fractures, sliced eyelids, a punctured lung and many stab wounds to his torso after he was attacked on March 8. The tip of the knife also broke off in his skull. Smethers describes it as “a souvenir for the rest of my life.”

During a special event at the University Medical Center’s trauma center on Tuesday, Smethers thanked first responders for saving his life, the Associated Press reports. “I shouldn’t be here. God’s will put me here and put the skill into the hands of the doctors and nurses so that I could be here,” he told reporters.

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