PC gamers rush to nab incredible bundle worth £40 completely free – including a 9/10 game

AS we approach the end of the year, our wallets are looking a lot more slim than they were at the start.

2023 has been packed with amazing games, and even all of the deals and sales haven’t saved us from spending big.

Jitsu Squad has received an excellent 9/10 on Steam.


Jitsu Squad has received an excellent 9/10 on Steam.Credit: Tanuki Creative Studio

Luckily Epic Games Store gives away free games every week so that PC gamers can save a lot on expanding their gaming libraries.

This week there are two games up for grabs, including one rated 9/10 on Steam.

The first game is Jitsu Squad, a tag team beat ‘em up game with a colourful cast of characters.

Jitsu Squard’s blurb reads: “Jitsu Squad is a 4-player co-op beat ‘em up with fast-paced cartoony action and wacky chaotic battles! 

“It has the accessibility and classic brawler mechanics of games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight but with the speed and intensity of fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom II, Dragon Ball FighterZ & Super Smash Bros.”

Usually costing £16, you can save a bundle by picking it up for free this month.

The next game available this week is Mighty Fight Federation, a 1v1 fighting game.

Its blurb reads: “Slam opponents into walls, launch them into the air & follow up with fast, high-flying attacks in this arena fighter. 

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“Choose from 14 characters with unique play styles. Face off in 1v1 matches, team up with other fighters or embrace the chaos of free-for-all.”

Mighty Fight Federation is usually £24, making this deal quite the bargain.

You can download both games from either the Epic Games Store website, or via the Epic Games launcher.

You’ll need the launcher in order to play these games, so it’s worth downloading it to your computer in advance.

The launcher is a free download, so you won’t have to pay anything to download these games.

If you want to learn more about free PC games, then check out the games available for free with Amazon Prime this month.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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