People always think I’m a 20-year-old student, but I’m a much older mum-of-three – no one ever believes my real age

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A WOMAN has shocked thousands of people online just be revealing her age.

Mani Lisa Jane took to TikTok to explain that no one ever guesses her age correctly.


The TikToker said that people think she’s 20 years old[/caption]

Smiling at the camera, the youthful looking woman said: “People thinking I’m 20 years old.”

She then leant into the camera and said: “But I’m actually…

“43 with three kids.”

The incredibly young-looking woman blew away fellow TikTokers with the claim that she was actually in her 40s.

One said: “If you’re 43, I’m Ariana Grande.”

Another said: “I was saying 15-18. We want to see ID!”

A third added: “Ya I’m not buying it.”


The woman surprised viewers when she revealed her actual age[/caption]


TikTokers couldn’t believe that the woman was 43 with three children[/caption]

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Source: The Sun

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