People flock to touch my ‘fluffy’ pet – then they find out she’s a wild predator

A WOMAN’S pet has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram due to her stunning looks — while half dog, people are surprised to learn of her true nature.

Ocean is the name of the rare pet, who’s developed a following of over 150,000 Instagram users.

While Ocean looks adorable, she's part predator


While Ocean looks adorable, she’s part predatorCredit: Instagram/@my_blue_wolf_
Ocean's owner has revealed that people are very attracted to it, and approach when they see it on the street


Ocean’s owner has revealed that people are very attracted to it, and approach when they see it on the streetCredit: Instagram/@annekasvenskaofficial

Newsweek reports that Ocean appears to be 30 percent timber wolf, a type of animal that can be found in states that have abundant wildlife.

Timberwolves are also called grey wolves, and can be found in places like Alaska, Montana, Oregon, the Yellowstone area of Wyoming, and more.

Ocean gets its distinct looks from its rare genome, which includes traces of German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky.

While she looks like a wolf, she’s also very fluffy, embodying the right mix of striking yet adorable.

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Her owner, Anne Tanaka, spoke to Newsweek and revealed that Ocean is only six months old.

“I expect she will grow to a full-sized wolf, about German shepherd size but with longer legs,” she said.

Tanaka reveals that despite the fact that Ocean looks very much like a wolf, people are still attracted to her, and want to approach her closely whenever they see her.

“She is always the center of attention,” she said.

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“I haven’t met one person who is scared of her yet.

“Our Instagram page has grown to over 150,000 followers in just three months.”

Tanaka revealed that Ocean acts like a dog, being “sweet and cuddly,” and that she’s “very trainable.”

While there are no federal laws that regulate the ownership of wolf dogs in the US, states have some rules of their own, at times banning their ownership.

Tanaka explained that Ocean is not a direct cross with a wolf, and that countries like the UK and Canada are more lax than some parts in America.

“In the U.K., there are no restrictions and she can go everywhere,” she said.

Ocean’s Instagram is called My Blue Wolf, and shows plenty of adorable reels and photos of the pet carrying out various activities.

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