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Dermott and Alison showed ‘genuine sadness’ during Phil tribute

Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond showed “genuine sadness” during their tribute to Philip Schofield at the start of their stint on This Morning, according to a leading body language expert.

Darren Stanton told Betfair: “I think Dermot and Alison were both genuine in their delivery as they paid tribute to Phillip Schofield at the beginning of the show.

“Alison did most of the talking and displayed lots of open palm gestures, which is a sign of openness and honesty.

“Despite appearing slightly nervous, Dermot was especially good in his delivery and getting his words out. I think Dermot is the most affected, but they both showed genuine sadness over Phillip’s departure.

“From a non-verbal perspective, Alison was talking in line with the words, which means she had total confidence in what she was saying. She wasn’t just delivering lines from an autocue, but she truly believed what she was saying.

“It was definitely a genuine and authentic tribute to Phillip’s service on the show.”

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