‘Plastic surgery alert?’: Meghan raising eyebrows with new look, accused of trying to be Princess Kate

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, made a surprise appearance via video to introduce her photographer friend Misan Harriman’s TED Talk over the weekend.

The brief intro was all it took to send royal watchers buzzing about Meghan — not for anything she said but for her new look, which garnered mixed reviews for the American royal.

The former Meghan Markle sported sleek hair that appears to now have a slightly lightened hue, and some started to make comparisons to Catherine, Princess of Wales.

“PLASTIC SURGERY ALERT? Sad Meghan markle wants to be Kate Middleton so bad,” one Twitter user speculated.

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Another added, “She looks like she’s trying to look like Kate….that won’t happen.”

Some didn’t see the comparison to Kate but instead to the singer Jennifer Lopez.

Others praised Meghan’s altered appearance. A cosmetic marketing agency, the Cosmic Lane, tweeted, “Our good sis, Meghan Markle looks good! Is it the new hair, being stress free & living on her own terms orrrrrr we noticing a few tweakments?”

“Meghan didn’t have plastic surgery. It’s all about lighting, angles, and contouring,” one Twitter user wrote.

The U.K.’s Telegraph best summed up the surprising reveal by saying, “Whatever the reason behind Meghan’s decision to reveal her glossy new makeover, the message is clear — this is a woman firmly in control of her own narrative.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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