President Xi and his underlings, Biden and Newsom

The latest: Everything one could ask for in a snapshot of another day in the life of the New World Order. Folks, let’s be finished, completely, being Conspiracy Theorists. We must awaken, honestly and loudly, to the role of Conspiracy Analysts. It’s not “if” anymore. It’s just “who” and “when.”

A continuing normalization of the Cult of Personality seems to be occurring, essential to Dictatorships of the Proletariat everywhere.

Now, even America stands in obedient awe of Comrade Xi, by way of his pathetic stand-in, Joe Biden. Really? Is that the vision here? Do they dream that the “prompted adulation” draped upon Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Fidel, Pot Pol, Ho Chi Min and a thousand tyrants before them, will pale next to the devotion that will surely adorn, at last, the coming one and only King of the World?!

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Whoa! Pull back the curtain, and there it is, for all but the blind to see. The Biden family has been for sale for ages, and China has been their happiest buyer and creditor. They liked his style so well they decided to buy his whole operation. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Not a problem for Joe. He’s the best darn liar he’s never remembered.

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Joe has been selling us down the river, doing everything imaginable to benefit the approaching Emperorship of President XI, which requires we first be brought to our knees. But they look at Joe and pause. A sound line of succession is important for the proper governance of subject states. Ancient Chinese wisdom, I betchya. Hence, our own soon-to-be Exalted Leader, Gavin Newsom, meets face to face with Xi, and Biden meets with Xi, and, now, everyone’s on the same page. Everyone has his orders.

And so, Gavin shows his chops. An Imperial Dictator must be loved and feared. He must always claim to be benignly concerned about the well-being of his subjects. The suffering he has provided is eternally the fault of others, upon whom he promises to rain fire. He must also demonstrate his utter contempt for the people, and they must always know that his smiling countenance hides a snarling wrath.

Gavin Newsom cleanses the streets of San Francisco in preparation for Xi’s visit. Lest we think he would do this heretofore impossible feat for us, he brags that, of course, he did it, only as a matter of hospitality, to honor Xi. The denizens of this century’s Hoovervilles are relocated to God-knows-where, places whose locations were heretofore unknowable and unreachable. He employs an army of the under-served to pick up everything unsavory, for the city dump, and power wash whatever they find underneath. He is obviously pleased with himself. If there were one, he’d get the top “Let them eat cake” award.

Joe is going to need multiples of the wayward ballots provided for him last time, and he can’t even remember to refrain, for at least a day or so, from mentioning that President Xi is a “dictator.” At least he was able to read the line about Newsom doing so good a job: “He could have the job I’m looking for!”

At the risk of hurting Joe’s feelings, we have to admit: Gavin is much better looking. He knows how to follow the black footprints on the stage. He reads a script, almost passionately, like an aspiring thespian, straight off the set of “Days of Our Lives.” At the risk of offending many, many white liberal women, let’s face it. Gavin’s got the cow vote. And as for the alphabet soup group, it’s a flouncing parade in the park.

May the day never come when practical Republicans realize that conceding California to the Chinese might be a reasonable compromise after all.

God Bless America! Please!

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