Prince Harry news: King Charles feels ‘betrayed’ by Meghan Markle as Duke calls on ‘stunned’ ex-flames for tell-all book

Former Prince Harry biographer told Duke to stop attacking his parents

Angela Levin worked with Prince Harry during the production of his 2018 biography, and has hit out at him for his upcoming memoir, SPARE.

“It’s a tragedy that he’s used that title [SPARE]…

“I just think that’s the most hideous title and it’s nonsense – he was next popular to the Queen and he liked to muck about, to be a bit naughty, he was full of energy,” she said speaking to Sky News Australia.

“When I wrote his biography in 2018, he was just a live wire, fantastic with people of all ages, of all sorts so it sounds so derogatory to call yourself spare as if nobody wanted you.

“And I asked the question, ‘does he want to be king?’ And I’m quite sure, 100 percent, he does not, he wants his freedom.”

A furious Angela added, “And to try and attack his parents when King Charles is really grieving for his mother, it’s so unkind to do that.”

Angela Levin on Sky News
Angela Levin on Sky News

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