Publication likens MAGA GOPers to … Hamas!

In an attack on the politicized agenda, a far-left agenda, that has been adopted by some publications in America, Islam expert Robert Spencer at JihadWatch is poking fun at Salon.

It’s because the publication likened MAGA Republicans to Hamas.

“Yeah, you remember when MAGA terrorists paraglided into an innocent Democrat music festival and carried out a bloody orgy of murder and rape, don’t you? You remember when Republicans massacred whole families, including babies, of Democrats? You remember when Republicans screamed about how they were going to drive Democrats out of the land, from ocean to ocean, right?” he wrote.

He posted an image of a Salon page with the headline, “Hamas and the GOP are both terrorist groups — it’s just a matter of degree.”

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The writing was by Brian Karem.

And Karem wrote, “Unfortunately the world is run by older men who would not abandon their own peace, but are eager to urge younger men and women to do so. They are terrorists like the leaders of Hamas. They are despots like Vladimir Putin. They are men like Donald Trump, who has never gone without a meal or lacked the social lubricant of money his entire life, and yet has convinced millions he is the answer to all our problems.”

He continued, “Trump and many other politicians in this country are not so different from the craziest leaders in many foreign nations. They preach division. They preach hate. They teach fear. Scalise and Scott are part of the GOP that ruthlessly and relentlessly demonizes political opponents — who are not supposed to be ‘enemies’ — no matter the cost. United We Stand? Not so much with those two and other leading Republicans, but facts matter little to them. Only power. “

Is the left grasping at straws in trying to paint MAGA Republicans as evil?

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Spencer quoted further, with Karem writing, “There is little difference between Scott, Scalise and Hamas. Further, there is little or no difference between most of the GOP leadership, including Jim Jordan and Donald Trump, and the leaders of Hamas. Both groups will do anything they can to win. Both groups have engaged in atrocities. Both groups continue to lie. Both groups use human beings as hostages. Both groups are extremely dangerous. Both groups threaten the world’s internal and external peace.”

“There are leftists who actually read Salon and believe this stuff. It’s beyond parody, and fiendishly evil propaganda,” Spencer said.

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