Rare coin news – Silver dime from 1943 sells on eBay for almost $400 as Lincoln 1992 coin is worth $25,000

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A RARE 1943 dime coin has sold for nearly $400 on eBay, and a 1992 Lincoln coin is worth as much as $25,000 – which means you’ll want to carefully check your change for this rare find.

The rare coin, a dime with an error, was designed by sculptor Adolph Alexander Weinman.

Today, many Americans are familiar with the dime featuring 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

The coin in the listing features a “42” that is placed over the “41”, which is also known as an overdate.

It sold for $395 after collecting 36 bids on eBay. That would imply that the dime is now worth nearly 395,000% its original value. 

Check your change for rare nickelsdimeshalf dollarsLincoln pennies, and other coins because some of them could sell for thousands.

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Source: The Sun

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