Relentless Heat Wave Pummeling Texas And Central Plains To Bring Hottest Temperatures Of Year

Relentless Heat Wave Pummeling Texas And Central Plains To Bring Hottest Temperatures Of Year

Extreme heat threatens Texas and the Southern Plains to start the new work week, with temperatures forecasted to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This new round of heat could be the hottest yet. Large swaths of interior Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas could see predicted highs reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit and heat indexes much higher. 

Although triple-digit temperatures are typical for the Central Plains and Texas in July and August, the frequency in the number of 100-degree days is above average. 

Take, for instance, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The metro area has just recorded its 11th 100-degree day of the season — the average for the entire season is ten.  

The National Weather Service (NWS) tweeted Sunday afternoon, “Excessive heat will continue this week across parts of Southern Region. Heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect today across TX/OK.”

The heat will increase days after the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates Texas’ electric power grid, asked customers to conserve energy on Monday and Wednesday. ERCOT blamed grid strains on record high electric demand and the lack of wind and solar power. 

Reuters noted that a handful of manufacturers, including Toyota Motor Corp., Samsung Electronics Co Ltd., General Motors Co., and LyondellBasell’s Houston refinery, dialed back energy usage to preserve grid stability. 

Tesla Motors even asked owners of its electric cars not to charge “between 3 pm and 8 pm … to help statewide efforts to manage demand.”

The same areas are under a dangerous and expanding worsening drought. 

ERCOT could be forced to take emergency action and ask customers to conserve power Monday to avoid rolling blackouts as a relentless heatwave strains power supplies. 

Tyler Durden
Sun, 07/17/2022 – 20:00
Source: Zero Hedge News

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