Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘confident’ that GOP will impeach Mayorkas

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told supporters the House will finally be able to muster the votes to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas when the chamber votes this week.

After two previous failures, the pressure is on Republicans to deliver and Ms. Greene, one of the GOP’s driving forces on impeachment, said the third time’s the charm.

“We have another shot at impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas, and I’m confident we will get this one through,” she told supporters in a fundraising email.

A vote could come as early as Tuesday night.

Republicans tried last week but fell short in what looked to be a tie vote, with one of their members absent and three Republicans joining Democrats in opposing the idea.

That followed a first vote in November, forced by Ms. Greene, when eight Republicans joined Democrats to derail the process.
The Homeland Security Department called this week’s revote a “stunt” and “baseless.”

“If Members of Congress care about our national security, they should listen to their fellow Republicans and stop wasting time on this pointless, unconstitutional impeachment – time that could be spent addressing the issue by advancing bipartisan legislation to fix our broken immigration laws and provide needed resources for border security,” the department said in a memo.

Officials pointed to the likely speedy demise of impeachment in the Senate, where senators from both parties say it’s going nowhere.

Impeachment takes only a majority vote in the House, while conviction and removal takes a two-thirds tally in the Senate.

The articles of impeachment accuse Mr. Mayorkas of subverting immigration enforcement laws and breach of public trust by lying to Congress and the public.

Mr. Mayorkas says he’s doing the best he can within the law as it exists. He says it’s up to Congress to give him new tools.

Republicans say he’s got the same laws as the Trump administration, which turned over a largely secure border in 2020 only to see it descend into chaos under Mr. Mayorkas.

In December 2020, the last full month under former President Trump, Customs and Border Protection recorded roughly 92,000 nationwide encounters with unauthorized migrants. Three years later, in December 2023, Mr. Biden saw four times that number.

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