RFK Jr.’s Surprise Super Bowl Spot Copies Original 1960 JFK Jingle

Emily Elconin/Getty Images

A super PAC accused of illegally helping to get Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on election ballots aired a Super Bowl spot promoting the presidential hopeful’s campaign. The spot was a near-exact copy of the famous ad aired by Kennedy’s uncle during his own presidential campaign more than six decades ago.

The ad used the classic John F. Kennedy jingle to urge voters to cast their ballots for the independent candidate: “A man who’s old enough to know / and young enough to do / Well, it’s up to you / it’s up to you / It’s strictly up to you!” (Notably, while his uncle was one of the youngest presidents ever elected at 43, Robert turned 70 earlier this year.)

The 30-second spot was run by American Values 2024, with co-chair Tony Lyons confirming to The Hill that broadcasting it just before Usher’s half-time show had set the group back a cool $7 million.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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