Rishi Sunak Cabinet reshuffle news – LIVE updates as PM’s new top team begins to take shape after promise to fix Britain

RISHI Sunak has officially become Prime Minister after being invited to form a Government by the King this morning.

After holding an audience with Charles III, newly appointed PM Rishi Sunak is expected to announce his new-look Cabinet this afternoon.

Delivering his first official speech as Tory leader from outside No.10, Mr Sunak said: “Right now, our country is facing a profound economic crisis” as he acknowledged mistakes had been made by the former Government.

But he stressed the work to “fix” mistakes would “begin immediately” – and promised to graft “day in and day out” to deliver for the public and “earn the trust” of Brits.

In her parting words outside the front door to Downing Street, former PM Liz Truss thanked her family who stood just behind her throughout and said: “It has been a huge honour to be the prime minister of this great country” – and predicted how “brighter days lie ahead”.

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  • BREAKING: Jacob Rees Mogg resigns from Government

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has resigned from the Government, according to reports coming out from Westminster.

    Sky News reports the tory MP has tendered a resignation letter to Mr Sunak.

    The outlet also reports Defra Secretary Ranil Jayawardena and chief whip Wendy Morton have been summoned to see Mr Sunak.

  • Could Simon Hart take chief whip?

    Our political editor, Harry Cole, has heard WHISPERS Simon Hart could be appointed as chief whip.

    Mr Sunak is expected to announce his new cabinet in the coming moments.

  • Rishi is not ‘daunted’

    Sunak vowed to fix the “mistakes” made by Liz Truss as he swept into No10 as Britain’s 57th Prime Minister.

    While bracing the nation for “difficult decisions” ahead, the youngest premier in 200 years defiantly declared: “I am not daunted.”

    Making his first address to the country in Downing Street, the new PM said he would “put your needs above politics”.

  • Zelensky congratulates Rishi Sunak on becoming PM

    The President of Ukraine has congratulated Rishi Sunak on becoming Prime Minister.

    In a tweet, Volodymyr Zelensky said: “Congratulations to Rishi Sunak on taking office as Prime Minister!

    “I wish you to successfully overcome all the challenges facing British society and the whole world today.

    “I’m ready to continue strengthening the strategic partnership together!”

  • Ryanair chief says he’s glad ‘adults have taken charge again’

    Ryanair’s Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary said on Tuesday that Britain’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had tough decisions ahead, but added that he was glad “adults have taken charge again”.

    “They are getting rid of some of the people who were there, from Boris Johnson to Liz Truss, all the Brexiteer wing of the Tory party – they are crazies,” O’Leary told Reuters on the sidelines of an event in Lisbon.

    He said he hoped Sunak’s first decision would be to rejoin the EU free trade agreement. 

  • Sunak expected to assemble Cabinet this afternoon

    Mr Sunak will start assembling a Cabinet “of all the talents” this afternoon that is expected to draw on all wings of the Tory Party.

    Close allies like Dominic Raab, Oliver Dowden and Robert Jenrick are tipped to a return to senior ministerial posts.

    Ms Mordaunt is courting the job of Foreign Secretary – while Michael Gove could even make a return.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg – who was highly critical of Mr Sunak – is expected to be sacked as Business Secretary, along with Chief Whip Wendy Morton.

  • Official confirmation from Buckingham Palace that Sunak is prime minister

    Buckingham Palace released the following statement: “The King received in Audience The Right Honourable Rishi Sunak MP today and requested him to form a new Administration.

    “Mr Sunak accepted His Majesty’s offer and kissed hands upon his appointment as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.”

  • Boris Johnson congratulates Rishi

    The former PM, Boris Johnson, has congratulated Rishi Sunak.

    He said: “Congratulations to @RishiSunak on this historic day, this is the moment for every Conservative to give our new PM their full and wholehearted support.”

  • Work will ‘begin immediately’

    Wasting no time in grappling with the economic crisis gripping the country, Mr Sunak said: “That work begins immediately”

    “I will place economic stability and confidence at the heart of this government’s agenda. This will mean difficult decisions to come.”

  • ‘Together we can achieve incredible things’

    Rishi Sunak claimed that he will build a government that “represents the best of my party”.

    He concluded his speech by saying “together we can achieve incredible things”.

    Credit: AP
  • Rishi will target some key issues

    The new PM claimed he will make multiple improvements.

    He pledges “a stronger NHS, better schools, safer streets, control of our borders, protecting our environment, supporting our armed forces and levelling up.”

  • Rishi claims Liz Truss made ‘mistakes’

    The new PM has paid tribute to his predecessor Liz Truss, saying she created change, but “some mistakes were made”.

    He says they were not the result of “bad intentions”, but they were “mistakes nonetheless”.

  • Rishi claims he will ‘unite our country’

    “I will unite our country not with words but with action,” says Sunak.

    “I will work day in and day out to deliver for you.”

  • PM says he will always be ‘grateful’ to Boris

    Rishi said he will always be “grateful” to Boris Johnson.

    He went on to say that he will deliver a “stronger NHS” and he will “build the economy”.

    Rishi claimed to understand he knew “how difficult this is”.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Rishi ‘will bring the same compassion’ he showed during Covid

    Rishi Sunak has said during Covid “he did everything he could to protect people and business”.

    He will bring the “same compassion” to face the challenges we face today.

  • Rishi Sunak delivers his first speech as PM

    Rishi Sunak has said that he accepted The King’s invite to form a new government.

    Sunak has said that Putin’s war in Ukraine and the lasting effects of Covid have caused problems within the economy.

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg no longer believes Rishi Sunak is a ‘socialist’

    Jacob Rees-Mogg says he no longer believes Rishi Sunak is a “socialist” and would now serve in his Cabinet if asked.

    Writing in The Telegraph Rees-Mogg said he was not expecting a Cabinet role in Tuesday’s reshuffle because he had not been one of Mr Sunak’s “most ardent supporters”

  • Rishi Sunak departs Buckingham Palace and heads to 10 Downing Street

    The new Prime Minister has left Buckingham Palace and will travel to Downing Street to deliver his first address the public as PM.

  • Rishi Sunak set to give speech outside 10 Downing Street shortly

    Rishi Sunak will deliver his first public address as PM outside of 10 Downing Street shortly.

  • Pictured: King Charles meets with Rishi Sunak

    Rishi Sunak has officially become the prime minister after he met with King Charles.

    Rishi is the third prime minister this year and will enter Downing Street as the youngest PM in two centuries.

    Credit: PA
    Credit: PA
  • Fresh start

    Both Boris and Liz Truss was welcomed in to 10 Downing Street by many applauding advisers and MPs.

    However according to reports, Mel Stride, texted MPs to say this will not be happening today for Rishi Sunak.

    The new PM reportedly wants to avoid a celebratory tone.

  • New lectern placed outside of 10 Downing Street

    A new lectern has been placed outside of 10 Downing Street ahead of Rish Sunak’s speech.

    Liz Truss opted for a a lectern which had a swirl however this one looks a lot more basic and traditional.

  • Liz Truss updates Twitter account

    Liz Truss has now updated her Twitter bio to read: “Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. MP for South West Norfolk.”

  • Rishi arrives at Buckingham Palace

    The meeting will take place in the palace’s 1844 room, where the King will invite Sunak to form a government.

    Credit: PA
  • Rishi Sunak is on his way to meet the King

    Rishi Sunak is now making his way to Buckingham Palace to meet the King.

    He will be asked to form a government before making his way to Downing Street where he will give a speech.

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