Ron DeSantis Is So Clearly the Beta to Donald Trump’s Alpha

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

As Donald Trump responded to Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ flailing Twitter Spaces event announcing his 2024 presidential campaign run, the former president showed exactly why he’s Donald Trump—and Ron DeSantis isn’t.

“Trump was just ruthless in going after this,” The New Abnormal co-host Andy Levy explains.

“I look at these posts from Trump and I’m like, DeSantis is dead. He’s just dead because he can’t compete with this kind of stuff. He did it in a funny way… and he made DeSantis look even smaller in comparison. He is so clearly the beta to Trump’s alpha—to use their terms—and given that he’s in a party that sort of worships this whole cult of the phony alpha man, I don’t really see how he beats Trump on a thing like this.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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