Russian Troops Given Holy Candles Not Battle Gear to Protect Them in Ukraine

Anadolu Agency via Getty

Russian draftees in the country’s Perm region have been given “protection candles” instead of much-needed equipment and told to light them in the heat of battle to “cast out evil spirits.”

“This is some fucked-up shit. I’m more and more astonished by these gags. They gave such candles to everyone in the squadron. What jackass is going to light this in battle, this candle of protection? They somehow can’t issue new uniforms or combat boots on time, but distributing candles is no problem,” one soldier told local outlet Perm 36,6.

A photo he provided of one of the candles in question shows that it came with instructions featuring the Russian Orthodox cross and advice to “light the candle in battle” in order to dispel fear and make bullets “not scary.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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