Samsung Galaxy S24 rumours and release date: Everything we know so far

RUMOURS about the Samsung Galaxy S24 are gathering pace, so here’s what we know so far.

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series were regarded as some of the best Android phones around and the South Korean company will be looking to improve on that for its flagship mobile.

This could be the look of the upcoming new flagship phone from Samsung


This could be the look of the upcoming new flagship phone from SamsungCredit: Technizo Concept
The phone is expected to have improved cameras


The phone is expected to have improved camerasCredit: YouTube/Technizo Concept

If the speculation is correct, the new handset will see improved performance and better camera hardware as well as other features to keep fans happy.

Release date and price

Images of alleged dummy units have been appearing online and Korean publications have claimed the new phone will be launched at a press event on January 17 in San Jose, California.

The Galaxy S23 launched on February 1 this year and rumours suggest Samsung may bring forward the date for the Galaxy S24 by about a month, as a response to Apple’s iPhone 15.

If speculation is correct and it is revealed on January 17, that would probably mean it will be available in the shops before the end of the month.

Details about pricing are still not known officially but it’s thought the cost will be around the same mark as the Galaxy S23 which was slightly more expensive than the Galaxy S2 at £849/£1,049/£1,249.


Samsung is thought to have kept the Galaxy S24 in line with its predecessors so the new range will likely have a 6.1-inch standard model, a 6.6-inch Galaxy S24 Plus and a 6.8-inch Galaxy S24 Ultra.

There is some speculation it could be marginally larger, with a 0.05-inch increase.

It is also thought the Galaxy S24 Ultra – or even all models – could have titanium sides, following the iPhone 15 Pro models.

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Even if it does have titanium, which is heavier than aluminium, it’s thought the new phone will be lighter than the S23 Ultra.

Rumours also say the Galaxy S24 Ultra could come in black, grey, violet and yellow, with a couple of those colours also being offered for the basic models too.


If the rumours are true, the S24 and S24+ could get the Ultra treatment and come with LTPO displays.

The S24 Ultra is thought to have an incredibly bright display, possibly as high as 2,800 nits and the S24 Plus on 2,500 nits.

The S24 Plus could also get QHD resolution, a step up from the S23 Plus with FHD resolution.


No major rumours have emerged so far regarding the standard Galaxy S24 models’ camera.

The speculation though so far is that the some50MP cameras from the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will appear on the respective S24 models.

If true, that would probably mean there is no great change for the Ultra version, although there is some speculation the Ultra’s camera will be 1-inch in size, which would make it one of the largest on the market.

There could also be improvement on the Ultra’s 10MP telephoto cameras as part of the S24 upgrade, giving it a longer zoom and improved optics.

Specs and performance

It’s expected the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, giving it a 30 per cent performance boost from its CPU and 25 per cent faster graphics.

It’s less clear what Samsung will do with its other S24 phones.

Some reports say Samsung is doing back to a split-chipset approach with the Galaxy S24 and cheaper models in the series could have an Exymos chipset.

Claims also say the S24 and S24 Plus will have 12GB of RAM, larger than the 8GB found on the S23 models.

The S24 Ultra is thought to offer 16GB of RAM.


AI is currently all the rage and it seems Samsung has also been doing its own efforts.

A report in Korea indicates the phone maker will integrate AI in the Galaxy S24 series, possibly similar to the way Google features it on the Pixel phones, which is powered by its own Tensor chipsets.

The AI feature used on the S24 is expected to be called Samsung Gauss, allowing the user to summarise documents, translate content in third-party apps and help compose emails.

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Battery and charging

The S24 Ultra and S24 Plus are expected to be given a brand new design with Samsung reportedly using a stacked battery in both phones, offering better energy density without increasing in size.

That new design could increase the S24 Ultra’s charging speed to 65W, up from 45W, although this is far from clear at the moment.

According to the speculation, the Galaxy S24 could have AI capability built-in


According to the speculation, the Galaxy S24 could have AI capability built-inCredit: YouTube/Technizo Concept
Samsung could unveil it's new phones in mid January


Samsung could unveil it’s new phones in mid JanuaryCredit: YouTube/Technizo Concept

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