Serial Catfisher Posed as Anarchist Sex Worker to Tweet About 15-Year-Olds

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images

An obituary for the twentysomething anarchist sex-worker and writer Anarqxista Goldman described a hero’s death.

“Last night our beautiful, fiery associate, Anarqxista, got involved in an argument between a young woman and her violently abusive boyfriend,” read the January obit, apparently written by residents of Goldman’s anarchist commune, The Nude House. “Anarqxista confronted him in defense of the girl and was stabbed three times in the process. She died shortly afterwards from her injuries.”

Some members of the anarchist community offered condolences. Others raised concerns: Anarqxista Goldman? The same online personality who’d been scorned in anarchist circles last year for appearing to excuse child sex abuse?

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Source: The Daily Beast

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