Seth Meyers Brutally Roasts MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s Hardee’s Raid


It’s the type of news story late-night hosts can only dream of. After Mike Lindell confirmed to The Daily Beast on Tuesday night that his cell phone had, in fact, been seized by the FBI during a visit to Hardee’s, Seth Meyers spent a good portion of his “A Closer Look” segment going in on the MyPillow CEO and Trump confidant’s latest legal predicament.

“It’s so fitting that they stopped Lindell at a Hardee’s because, when you think about it, Hardee’s would be a more accurate name for MyPillow,” the Late Night host joked. And then, “I think if someone told you, ‘Hey, they seized Mike Lindell’s cellphone,’ your brain would just auto-complete the sentence with ‘at a Mankato Hardee’s.’”

Meyers went on to say it makes sense that Lindell was apparently at the drive-thru when he was approached by the agents because his “regular speaking volume is everybody else’s ordering at a drive-thru volume.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Source: The Daily Beast

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