Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s Toilet Obsession After Rudy Giuliani Shitstorm


“Every so often, a story comes along that makes us throw out everything we were planning on doing that night on the show,” Seth Meyers said on Wednesday. He was of course talking about the airplane bathroom anecdote from Maggie Haberman’s new book, Confidence Man.

According to the New York Times reporter, Donald Trump made it a point to “loudly complain” about “the odor after Giuliani had used one of the plane’s bathrooms, so that other aides could hear,” yelling, “Rudy! That’s fucking disgusting!”

“This is one of those shocking stories that you also could have predicted,” the Late Night host said. “No one thinks Rudy’s making good smells.” But while Meyers wasn’t surprised that Giuliani’s shit stinks, he was surprised that it was so bad that Trump complained about it, given his infamously terrible eating habits.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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