Sex-crazed prison guards held jacuzzi orgies, 1 refused to work before relations

(Photo by Kristin Li on Pexels)

(Photo by Kristin Li on Pexels)

(FOX NEWS) — Belgium’s largest prison is reeling from a wild sex scandal that accused guards and staffers of organizing jacuzzi orgy parties and trading colorful bracelets to determine their sex partners, a local report detailed.

Ten guards and staffers at the Lantin Prison, located near the city of Liège, have come under fire for allegedly hosting sex parties after work and even having intercourse with each other during their shifts at the prison, a report from Belgian news outlet Sudinfo reported. One of the staffers was even described as a “nymphomaniac” who would allegedly demand sex from co-workers at work.

The employees allegedly held orgies after work hours, most frequently in a jacuzzi owned by a male guard only identified as “P.” During the parties, the staffers would allegedly determine which employee they would sleep with by drawing a colorful bracelet at random, the report said.

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