Shock survey finds 31% of Gen-Z shoppers admit to ‘skip-scanning’ at self-checkout as chains battle skyrocketing theft

A SHOCKING survey has found that 31% of Gen-Z shoppers admitted to stealing at self-checkout as retailers continue to combat rising theft.

The survey, from loan marketplace LendingTree, also revealed that 15% of customers of any age also steal when scanning their own items.

A survey found that Gen-Z shoppers steal more at self-checkout than any other demographic


A survey found that Gen-Z shoppers steal more at self-checkout than any other demographic

“Ultimately, retailers need to decide whether the self-checkout terminals are worth the risk,” said LendingTree chief credit analyst Matt Schulz in a statement.

“That’s a question lots of retailers are likely wrestling with.”

The findings were based on a survey of 2,000 US shoppers between the ages of 18 and 77.

Some respondents admitted that they regretted their previous theft, however, 44% said they will keep [ stealing from self-checkout kiosks.


Another 37% said they would only steal to save money on groceries, or healthcare goods.

The consumers who said they stole at kiosks, only a third said they were caught, according to the data.

Neil Saunders, a retail analyst at GlobalData Retail told CBS that companies are usually reluctant to share information related to theft.

This makes it hard to determine how common self-checkout theft is compared to other forms of theft.

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Theft data is “commercially sensitive information that [retailers are] under no obligation to reveal,” said Saunders.

“There is a fear that highlighting the issue may encourage more self-checkout theft.”

Still, many retailers are slowly doing away with the kiosks after a rise in industry loss – also known as shrink.

Others are beefing up security and other anti-theft measures, said Saunders.

Target has started testing a new policy after finding a 6% increase in customers using traditional cashier lanes in stores.

Meanwhile, WalmartCostcoShoprite, and other retailers have also revised their self-checkout policies.

A large percentage said they'll keep stealing while others said they'll only do it to save money


A large percentage said they’ll keep stealing while others said they’ll only do it to save moneyCredit: Getty

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