Sister Wives star Janelle Brown admits she gets ‘jealous’ over husband Kody’s other marriages

SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown admitted she gets “jealous” over her husband Kody Brown’s other marriages.

Janelle, 51, is one of Kody’s four wives.

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Janelle admitted she still gets ‘jealous’ over Kody’s other marriages[/caption]


The couple have been ‘spiritually married’ for over 20 years[/caption]


Kody has a total of four wives[/caption]

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, the Sister Wives star opened up about her unconventional marriage to Kody.

Speaking of her husband’s relationship with his three other wives, she told the outlet: “Of course I still get jealous.

“But I learned a long time ago [that] you really just have to figure out how to be OK with yourself.”

Janelle began her “spiritual marriage” with Kody in 1993- just three years after he legally tied the knot with his wife Meri, 50.

In addition to Janelle and Meri, Kody also has relationships with wives Christine and Robyn.


She became Kody’s second wife in 1993[/caption]

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Janelle said she can’t ‘compare’ her relationship with Kody to his other marriages[/caption]

Kody and Meri divorced in 2014 so that he could legally wed Robyn in order to adopt her children from a previous relationship.

Janelle told Us Weekly that she doesn’t like to dwell on the differences between each of Kody’s marriages, stating:  “You have strengths, and you have blessings and you have opportunities that you’re given … you can’t compare.

“I just think comparison is, like, the death of plural marriage.”

Despite her positive outlook on the situation, Janelle admitted it took her time to accept her unique relationship.

She said: “I remember the transition [into polygamy] and thought I was always pretty independent.


She said each of the relationships have different ‘strengths’[/caption]


Janelle said she has ‘a lot to offer’[/caption]

“It became like, ‘Look, I’m OK. I have a lot to offer.’ So, that really helped me through those kinds of emotions.”

Janelle, who shares six children with Kody, revealed she was diagnosed with skin cancer and had a nasty tumor removed above her lip earlier this month.

She explained that a non-malignant ulcer had been growing on her mouth for years before she finally had it checked out.

The Sister Wives star shared a selfie on Instagram following an operation to have a basal cell carcinoma removed, in which a bandage covered part of her mouth.


Janelle is the mother of six of Kody’s kids[/caption]

Alongside the photo, Janelle wrote: “Many of you have been noticing and reaching out to me about the blemish above my lip in the new episodes.”

She went on: “I started to see what looked like a scar develop in an area on my lip where all of my cold sores for the past two decades have erupted.

“At first I thought it was a new cold sore forming but then it never developed and just stayed. Over the next year or so it slowly increased in size.

“I started treating it with every scar medication I could find, thinking it was my body reacting to the years of trauma to that area of my face.”

Janelle revealed she finally had it seen by a doctor after her appointment was delayed by two months due to the pandemic.


She recently revealed she was diagnosed with skin cancer[/caption]
Source: The Sun

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