TACKLING DIY jobs around the home can be a lot of fun, but they can also make a lot of mess for you to clean up once your done.

Leave it to home whizz Stacey Solomon, 31, to find a fuss-free solution to messy jobs, as she shows how to avoid vacuuming using an envelope.


Stacey Solomon, 31, has shared a nifty hack to help with her DIY jobs[/caption]

The mum-of three has be chipping away at her new £1.2 million Essex cottage which she bought with her partner Joe Swash.

Tackling the home room by room, the handy mum has shown off the bedroom makeover she’s given their son Rex, one – with a grown up monochrome colour palette.

Adding the final touches, Stacey decided to hang a height chart to the wall in the young tot’s room so they can “measure” him as he grows.

Posting to Instagram, the DIY guru demonstrated how she screwed the timber chart to the wall – showing off her clever envelope hack.


She stuck an envelope to the wall to catch any dust that falls after drilling into the wall[/caption]


This means it doesn’t fall onto the carpet and Stacey won’t have to get the hoover out[/caption]

“I put up Rex’s height chart today because I really want to try and finish his room this week,” she captioned the post.

And added: “Didn’t want to hoover after so I stuck an envelope to the wall.”

The trick is to stick it just below where you want to drill the hole so that any mess created from drilling can fall straight into the open envelope, instead of on the floor.


Stacey bought the height chart from a family business called Family Rule[/caption]

This saves Stacey from getting the hoover out to clean up the dust from the plaster, and we think it’s genius.

The hand-made wooden height chart is from a family-run business called Family Rule – and it’s even personalised with Rex’s name.

Stacey recently finished creating a handy craft corner for Rex using a £9 tin of chalkboard paint.


Stacey and Joe Swash bought the £1.2 million Essex cottage earlier this year[/caption]

Last week, Stacey welcomed her old friend Sophie ‘Mrs Hinch’ Hinchcliffe over for tea outside – and Rex and Ronnie had a super cute play date.

We also revealed how how Stacey Solomon takes parenting inspiration from mum-of-22 Sue Radford with her garden soft play kit & Primark hauls.

Source: The Sun

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