Stephen Dorff Wants More Than Marvel’s ‘Worthless Garbage’

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Over the course of his four-decade career, Stephen Dorff has made just about every type of movie imaginable, from dramas (The Power of One, Somewhere) and comedies (Cecil B. Demented) to thrillers (Judgement Night) and Marvel blockbusters (Blade). Nonetheless, he’s never starred in anything quite like Divinity, a phantasmagoric sci-fi/horror saga in which he stars as Jaxxon Pierce, a mad scientist intent on completing his father’s (Scott Bakula) groundbreaking quest to achieve eternal life.

On a barren planet suffering from a 97 percent infertility rate, Jaxxon has found the key to humanity’s survival: Divinity, an elixir that prevents body and mind from aging. On the cusp of his breakthrough, Jaxxon is held hostage by two mysterious intergalactic brothers (Moises Arias and Jason Genao) who, with the help of a prostitute (Karrueche Tran), want to stop him from exacting his plans. At the same time, a group of otherworldly bodysuit-encased women on an alternate plane of existence (led by Bella Thorne’s commander) also strive to halt Divinity’s commercial circulation.

What ensues is a psychosexual head-trip of the craziest sort, full of hulking bodybuilders, supernova explosions, alien creatures, fantastical weapons and unholy mutations—the last of which have to do with Dorff’s megalomaniacal inventor. Executive-produced by Steven Soderbergh and written/directed by Eddie Alcazar (in his feature debut), it’s a surreal black-and-white fever dream about the high cost of beauty and longevity that melds live-action Lynchian insanity with stop-motion video game action.

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