Super Bowl 2024 LIVE — Patrick Mahomes throws game-winning TD to Mecole Hardman to capture third NFL championship title

49ers 22 Chiefs 19

Mahomes uses his feet – and makes it with ease.

A new set of downs for Kansas City just shy of midfield.

49ers 22 Chiefs 19

Pacheco is short of the line on 3rd down.

It’s 4th and 1… and the 49ers fans are on their feet making some serious noise. One play here could end it.

Rule changes

For those of you unfamiliar, there have been some rule changes by the NFL for overtime at the Super Bowl this year.

For this year’s Super Bowl, the overtime rules are being adjusted to allow both teams a chance to score before the game ends.

If the score remains tied after both teams have gotten a chance, the game will go to sudden death and the next score wins.

However, if the team kicking off scores a safety on the opening drive, the kicking team is named the winner.

The previous rules worked on a sudden death system, where if the opening team scored a touchdown on the first drive, the game would be over.

However, if they only scored a field goal the other team would be allowed a chance to score.

.Credit: AP

49ers 22 Chiefs 19

Purdy can’t find his man on 3rd and 5 – and the 49ers are forced to settle for a field goal.

They take the lead in overtime after a drive that lasted more than seven minutes.

Touchdown wins it now for the Chiefs, a field goal keeps this thing rolling.

49ers 19 Chiefs 19

McCaffrey to the nine-yard line now! It’s 2nd and 3.

What a drive from San Francisco – but can they finish it off?

49ers 19 Chiefs 19

Purdy to McCaffrey! A huge catch and run takes the 49ers into field goal range.

But they’ll want to end this right here, right now.

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