CBS Should Have Canceled ‘The Activist,’ But For Far Better Reasons

Picture a reality television series where contestants vie to be the wokest activist, one-upping each other with political correctness to be championed with a crown of social justice. (In this case, the prize also included a trip to the G20). Picture a performative jungle gym built to please an ailing society whose cities are replete with violence. Picture a nation…

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‘Civic Education’ Proposals Would Put Billions More Taxpayer Dollars Behind Democrat Activists

In the latest instance of leftists working to turn public schools into propaganda mills, four bills have been newly introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to push student activism under the guise of civic education. These proposals would fund vague-sounding programs like “action civics,” “applied civics,” and “service-learning.” If passed, they could transform civic education around the country into…

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