Detractors Call Alabama School Choice Efforts ‘Extreme’ To Distract From Failed Public Schools

Alabama Retirement Systems’ CEO David Bronner recently used his newsletter to lecture parents about the “extreme” idea of wanting a portion of their taxes to pay for the education of their children. His assertion sounds a bit like the National School Boards Association calling soccer moms who dare […]

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It’s Joe Biden, Not Tommy Tuberville, Who Brought The ‘Culture War’ To The Military

Since February, Alabama Republican Tommy Tuberville has been using a “senatorial hold” to block personnel moves by the U.S. military that require Senate confirmation. The media and Democrats are very upset that Tuberville is “waging an unprecedented campaign” and embroiling our vital national defense policy […]

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Tuberville Is Right To Hold The Line Against The Pentagon’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

America’s military is facing a major recruiting crisis and growing threats from China and other belligerents. Yet the Biden administration is pushing taxpayer-funded abortions, among other woke agenda items, that are rightfully fueling fears that a politicized Pentagon won’t be able to defend our country. […]

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Judge Strikes Biden DOJ’s ‘Burdensome’ Bully Tactics Against Opponents Of Trans Surgeries For Kids

A federal judge in Alabama quashed the invasive subpoena the Biden administration served on the conservative Eagle Forum and Southeast Law Institute, holding the material sought from the nonprofits fell outside the scope of discovery relevant to the Department of Justice’s lawsuit challenging Alabama’s law […]

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