American Medical Association

AMA Article Calls For Ripping Your Womb From Your Dead Body And Stuffing It Between A Delusional Man’s Legs

Female organ donors, beware! Researchers published by the American Medical Association want people like me and you to pay for a delusional male to host your womb. Biotechnologists regularly fantasize about filling warehouses with artificial wombs, use dehumanizing “gene editing,” and have already begun fabricating female gametes […]

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Republican Doctors Need Representation So Leftists Can’t Control Medical Narratives

It appears physicians are not the only group that’s taken notice of the American Medical Association’s (AMA) waning influence. The AMA’s recurrent failures in representing physicians have also attracted the media’s attention. In an article published by Axios on Wednesday, the growing dissatisfaction with the […]

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2 More Attorneys General Support Coalition Of 13 Telling Biden To ‘Stand Down’ From Repression Of Child Mutilation Critics

Thirteen Republican attorneys general sent a letter demanding Attorney General Merrick Garland “stand down” from prosecuting critics of the genital mutilation and chemical castration of minors. And when The Federalist asked other Republican AG offices whether they support the aims of the letter, two more […]

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