Martha’s Vineyard Isn’t The First Time Democrats Failed To Live Up To Their Empty ‘Sanctuary’ Promises

Earlier this month, a Washington Post editorial acknowledged there was “no end in sight to the procession of buses inbound” to Washington, D.C., and praised Mayor Muriel Bowser for earmarking $10 million for the nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants who have arrived in the capital — […]

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Lawsuit: Clark County Election Officials Are Refusing To Disclose Poll Workers’ Political Affiliations

The Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit against Clark County, Nevada’s election department and registrar of voters on Tuesday for refusing to comply with public records requests regarding the political affiliations of the locality’s poll workers for the upcoming 2022 elections. According to an […]

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Kari Lake Obliterates Left-Wing Election Rhetoric: It’s Not ‘Divisive’ To Ask Questions

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake wants Democrats and the corrupt corporate media, which constantly demonize the more than 74 million people who voted for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, to know there’s nothing wrong with asking questions about election irregularities. In response […]

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Arizona Supreme Court Smacks Down Democrats’ Election Takeover Ploy

The Arizona Supreme Court struck down a proposed ballot initiative on Friday that, if successfully approved by voters, would have repealed several election-integrity laws passed by the Republican-controlled legislature. Titled Proposition 210, the now-failed ballot initiative had the potential to completely overhaul Arizona’s election laws, […]

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Ranked-Choice Voting Failed To Make Ballot In Missouri — But Beware, The Left Will Keep Pushing It

A multimillion-dollar effort to enact ranked-choice voting in Missouri has failed after Secretary of State John Ashcroft announced the initiative will not appear on the November ballot due to an insufficient number of valid signatures submitted. The measure would have appeared as a constitutional amendment to change Missouri’s […]

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