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US has shared AI security interests with ‘every country around the world,’ State official says

Threading the needle between innovation and security has created some friction with the desire to get ahead in geopolitical competition for emerging technologies, but, according to one State Department official, these two missions — maintaining competition while strategically safeguarding human rights — are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  […]

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NIST inks partnership to put safety at the intersection of AI and genetic research

The federal government took a new step Friday in addressing the potentially hazardous intersections of emerging technologies: artificial intelligence and biotechnology.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology inked a new partnership with the nonprofit Engineering Biology Research Consortium to help develop effective safety tools […]

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NTIA explores the benefits and risks of open-weight AI models

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is seeking public comment about the pros and cons of “open-weight” artificial intelligence systems to help guide policy. These machine learning models are characterized by leveraging weighted values that together create a series of algorithms called neural networks.   Open-weight […]

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TMF looks to fund AI projects

The Technology Modernization Fund wants to give agencies money to work on artificial intelligence projects, as the General Services Administration announced a call for proposals to implement the Biden administration’s AI executive order on Thursday.  “As one of the world’s largest enterprises, the federal government […]

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AI regulation will come from existing frameworks — not a new agency — lawmakers say

Lawmakers at an industry event on Wednesday voiced support for tapping existing legal resources to regulate artificial intelligence. Echoing recent comments on the subject of AI regulations by fellow House lawmakers, Reps. Zoe Logren, D-Calif., and Jay Obernolte, R-Calif., said during a Information Technology Industry […]

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FCC makes AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday unanimously issued a declaratory ruling that deems AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal, granting state attorneys general more authority to go after entities that target consumers with voice cloning technology in robocall scams. The announcement comes as state authorities are […]

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FCC issues cease-and-desist order to operator linked to AI-generated Biden robocall

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday issued a cease-and-desist notice to Texas-based Lingo Telecom for its alleged role in originating a batch of AI-generated robocalls sounding like President Joe Biden that were deployed during the Democratic New Hampshire presidential primary last month. The letter comes […]

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Microsoft launches ‘first in a series’ of updates to its federal Azure OpenAI capabilities

Microsoft is launching new generative artificial intelligence features within its government software products, with an updated version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI software along with other machine learning apps that will now be available for federal workers using Microsoft’s Azure Government platform. Announced by the company […]

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VA should establish an AI disclosure process, Republican lawmaker says

The Department of Veterans Affairs should disclose instances where artificial intelligence technologies engage with or make decisions that affect veterans, according to a top House Republican. During a House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Technology Modernization hearing on Monday examining the department’s data privacy and AI […]

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