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Meet Lt. Col. Michael Berry: Father Of Four, 18 Years Of Service, And A Victim Of Biden’s Vaccine Tyranny

The Covid-19 vaccine requirement for military service members is hopefully nearing its end after the House of Representatives bipartisanly passed the National Defense Authorization Act with a provision to repeal the mandate last Thursday. The news is a win for a handful of congressional Republicans […]

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Texas GOP Lawmakers Fed Up With Biden’s Deadly Border Crisis Preview Their Plan To Fix It

Texas Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled their legislative framework for fixing President Joe Biden’s crisis at the southern border on Thursday while blasting the Democrat commander-in-chief for failing to address the ongoing disaster. Spearheaded by Rep. Chip Roy, the outline includes several […]

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Biden Energy Dept. Won’t Say If It Will Fire Cross-Dresser Charged With Felony For Allegedly Stealing Lady’s Luggage

The Department of Energy won’t say whether it plans to fire Biden administration official Sam Brinton, who was charged with felony theft last month after he allegedly stole a woman’s roller bag from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. “Sam Brinton is on leave from DOE, […]

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Missouri And Louisiana Attorneys General Grill Fauci Over Feds’ Collusion With Big Tech To Squash Covid Dissenters

Dr. Anthony Fauci — the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden — testified under oath last week over his alleged role in colluding with Big Tech companies to squash Covid-related posts the administration labeled as “misinformation.” The testimony came as part of an investigation […]

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Court: Jen Psaki Must Testify Over White House’s Collusion With Big Tech To Silence Covid Dissent

A federal judge ruled on Monday that former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki must comply with an investigation that seeks to uncover the federal government’s collusion with Big Tech to suppress Covid-related posts they deemed “misinformation.” Writing for the Western District of Louisiana District […]

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Court Blocks Biden’s Loan Bailout, But It Already Bagged The Votes It Was Designed To Buy

The U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked President Joe Biden’s student loan “forgiveness” plan nationwide on Monday, putting a halt to the program that would force taxpayers to pay for others’ student debt. But Democrats already used the vote-buying scheme to sway young Americans’ […]

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5 Days Before Midterms, DOJ Is Still Refusing To Release Biden’s Plan To Federalize Local Elections

The Foundation for Government Accountability has filed a cross-motion against the Department of Justice asking the court to immediately order the DOJ to release its “Strategic Plan” implementing President Biden’s executive order that directed a federal government takeover of elections — before the midterm elections […]

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The DOJ Is Hiding Information About Biden’s Attempts To Interfere In U.S. Elections

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is slow-walking its response to a federal court order mandating that the agency forfeit records pertaining to President Joe Biden’s March 2021 executive order that directed federal agencies to develop plans for federal interference in state election administration. On Thursday evening, […]

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