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‘Twitter Files’ Show More Groups Used Hamilton 68’s Bogus Methodology To Sell The Russia Hoax

The federal government and the think tanks it funds asked Twitter to censor tens of thousands of users based on bogus analyses that pegged the accounts as pushing “foreign disinformation,” the latest installment of the “Twitter Files” reveals.  On Thursday, independent journalist Matt Taibbi revealed […]

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Congress Quietly Left The Door Open To Funneling More Tax Dollars To EcoHealth Research In China For ‘National Security’

EcoHealth Alliance — the nonprofit that infamously funneled taxpayer funds into the Wuhan Institute of Virology for bat-based coronavirus research — was given a shocking loophole in Congress’s omnibus spending package to receive money for research in China supported by the country’s communist leadership. Why? […]

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The FBI Isn’t The Only Guilty Party In The ‘Twitter Files,’ And It Isn’t ‘Partisan’ To Say So

Matt Taibbi took to Twitter on Saturday to express his frustration with the politicization of the “Twitter Files.” The fact that a considerable number of the responses to the “Twitter Files” has been right-wing political outrage and leftist “whataboutism” has turned it into a “partisan […]

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Former Twitter Execs Tell Congress: We Didn’t Meddle In 2020 Election And Also We Need To Do It More

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee confronted several former Twitter executives on Wednesday about their censorship activism and election meddling — specifically the Big Tech company’s suppression of the New York Post’s legitimate reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Twitter led Big Tech companies and corporate […]

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Our Big Tech Overlords Yanked Yet Another Covid Video We Apparently Can’t Handle

YouTube has pulled yet another Project Veritas video. The now-infamous video of Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer’s director of research and development in strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning, giving up information on #DirectedEvolution and Pfizer’s plan to continue profiting from the Covid vaccines is still […]

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