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It’s Not The Filibuster’s Fault We Have ‘Gridlock,’ It’s The Senators’

Official Washington’s conventional wisdom about the Senate filibuster is a fairy tale. It is utterly unmoored from the choices being made by individual senators, party caucuses, and the body as a whole. Every person who has ever told you that the mean, nasty, outdated legislative filibuster is the source of Senate gridlock and the obstacle to common-sense legislating in Congress…

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Voters Overwhelmingly Reject White House Definition Of ‘Bipartisanship’

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the Biden White House’s definition of bipartisanship, according to results of a new poll from the Morning Consult out Tuesday. Biden adviser Anita Dunn outlined the new White House’s definition in April when she told the Washington Post the label “bipartisanship” applies to legislation with broad support outside Washington even in the absence of cross-partisan support on…

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