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Congress Is Too Busy Bankrolling Ukraine To Stop The VA From Processing Illegals’ Health Care Costs

Members of Congress love to profess their alleged support for America’s military veterans. But if that’s true, why are they ignoring the agency tasked with caring for veterans’ medical needs, steering its resources towards illegal aliens? Throughout the past several months, controversy has engulfed the […]

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Senate Conservatives Demand McConnell Oppose Democrats’ Plan To Table Mayorkas’ Impeachment

Conservatives in the Senate are urging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to oppose Democrats’ plans to ignore the upper chamber’s constitutional duty to host an impeachment trial for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. More than a dozen conservative senators penned a letter to […]

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Media Spin Nearly Record-High January Border Incursions As ‘Good News’ For Biden

The ongoing invasion at the U.S.-Mexico border continues to rage — but that hasn’t stopped America’s regime-approved media from attempting to downplay its severity. On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released monthly statistics showing a nearly record-high number of apprehensions at the U.S. southern […]

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McConnell, Tillis Openly Trash ‘Dim’ And ‘Short-Sighted’ GOP Voters After Base Rejected McConnell’s Bogus Border Bill

Senate Republicans eager to ram Ukraine funding through the upper chamber are just as eager to dismiss their voters as dimwitted and “shortsighted.” “Our base cannot possibly know what’s at stake at the level that any well-briefed U.S. senator should know about what’s at stake […]

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Meet The Republican Senators Who Lied About Prioritizing Border Security Over Ukraine Funding

In a 67-32 vote on Thursday, 17 Republican senators voted alongside their Democrat colleagues to advance a $95 billion “emergency security spending bill” that included $60 billion in aid to Ukraine and, according to The Washington Post, billions of dollars to “Indo-Pacific allies and $10 […]

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