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Meet The Republican Senators Who Lied About Prioritizing Border Security Over Ukraine Funding

In a 67-32 vote on Thursday, 17 Republican senators voted alongside their Democrat colleagues to advance a $95 billion “emergency security spending bill” that included $60 billion in aid to Ukraine and, according to The Washington Post, billions of dollars to “Indo-Pacific allies and $10 […]

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More Illegal Aliens Flooded The Southern Border In September Than Ever Recorded In A Single Month

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) apprehended a record number of migrants crossing the southwest border last month, breaking the previous monthly record set in December, according to new numbers out Saturday. Federal border agents reported 269,735 apprehensions in September, bringing the total for fiscal […]

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Biden DHS Is Literally Inviting Mexican Officials To Send Batches Of Illegal Aliens Across The Border

Instead of stopping the illegal aliens currently swarming the border thanks to the upcoming expiration of Title 42 — a pandemic-era policy that allowed Border Patrol to immediately expel illegal migrants upon first encounter — the Biden administration is actively facilitating unlawful entries into the […]

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