Chinese Communist Party

While Western Leaders Look Away, China’s Spies Are Multiplying

The United Kingdom’s parliament has been shaken by allegations that two of its staff were Chinese spies. The scandal illustrates that Western democracies are ill-prepared for Communist China’s intelligence gathering and political interference operations.  The Times, which first broke the story last week, identified one of the alleged […]

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Apple Will Curb Your Internet Freedom Until Congress Crushes Its Monopoly

It’s not just Google that has negatively affected conservatives through its online services or abused its platforms to favor itself. Apple is another global tech behemoth that is exercising excessive and undue content moderation on its platform.  Without notice, Apple removed thousands of episodes of “The Glenn Beck Program” from […]

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Useful Idiots In The West Helped The CCP Cover Up The Worst Scientific Scandal Of Our Time

Most people are aware by now that the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up of Covid-19 pandemic-related information, especially between late 2019 and early 2020, delayed governments worldwide from taking appropriate interventions that would have prevented many deaths and much suffering. But a recent congressional hearing revealed that […]

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Xi Jinping’s ‘Disappearing’ Acts Leave No Doubt He’s A Dictator

After President Joe Biden called Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, a “dictator” at a fundraising event last month, Beijing vehemently protested, accusing Biden’s remarks of being “extremely absurd,” “irresponsible,” and “an open political provocation.” The mysterious “disappearance” of China’s top diplomat Qin Gang […]

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