United Methodist Church loses more than 1,800 congregations over LGBTQ debate, “not a real schism”

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent (Worthy News) – America’s United Methodist Church has now lost over 1,800 congregations as conservative churches have disaffiliated with the denomination over UMC acceptance of same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBTQ clergy, Christianity Today (CT) reports. Nevertheless, analysts […]

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Colorado Condemns Jack Phillips For Being A Devout Christian, Again

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner and devout Christian Jack Phillips is facing another bout of legal persecution after the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that he violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws for refusing to bake a cake celebrating transgenderism. A three-judge panel determined on Thursday that Phillips’s […]

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Church of England: homosexual couples cannot marry in church but clergy can hold blessings for same-sex civil partnerships

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent (Worthy News) – The Church of England has announced it cannot change its doctrine to allow same-sex couples to be married in the church but proposes that clergy may voluntarily choose to hold blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples in […]

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Brazil Court Orders Arrests Over Congress Attacks

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News BRASÍLIA (Worthy News) – Two top Brazilian security officials faced detention Tuesday after a senior judge on Brazil’s Supreme Court ordered their arrests over attacks on key government buildings. Tuesday’s order came after rioters claiming to […]

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Kirk Cameron’s Christian story hour draws overflow crowd after disagreement with host library

Sunday, January 1, 2023 | Tag Cloud Tags: Christian, ICE, India, Indiana, Library, News, Police, Time, Twitter, US, Washington, Worthy News (Worthy News) – Christian actor Kirk Cameron’s debut story hour for his Christian story book drew an overflow crowd to the Indianapolis Public Library. […]

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Biden Signs Defense Bill Into Law, Overturning Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

(Worthy News) – President Joe Biden signed Congress’ annual defense bill for 2023 into law Friday, giving his approval to a bill that overturns his own administration’s mandate that servicemembers must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2023 authorizes […]

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UK government admits prosecutor was wrong to say parts of the Bible are “no longer appropriate” in society

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent (Worthy News) – A high-ranking UK government lawyer admitted last week that it was wrong of Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service to have argued that sections of the Bible are ‘no longer appropriate in modern society’ when it charged a […]

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Jerusalem: Archaeologists find rare 2,000 coin which appears to corroborate Biblical account in Exodus

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent (Worthy News) – Archaeologists excavating south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have uncovered a rare 2,000-year-old silver “half-shekel” coin, which appears to corroborate the Biblical account in Exodus that every Jewish man must pay an annual tribute of […]

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