Christopher Wray

Grassley To Wray: Why Is There One Law For Hunter Biden And Hillary, Another For Trump?

Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley filed a blistering list of questions for the record addressed to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday, demanding the law enforcement bureaucrat answer questions about his agency’s malfeasance, including its raid on former President Donald Trump’s private home […]

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Search Warrant Or Not, Americans Have No Reason To Believe The FBI Raid On Trump’s Florida Home Was Justified

After news broke Monday evening that the FBI had raided former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, the right immediately expressed outrage and warned that by targeting a former president and political opponent, the Biden Administration had crossed the Rubicon. The left, […]

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Did FBI Director Christopher Wray Bail On A Senate Hearing So The DOJ’s Gulfstream Could Take Him On Vacation In New York?

FBI Director Christopher Wray may have bailed on an oversight hearing early last week to go on vacation in a taxpayer-funded private jet, according to a new report in the New York Post. Despite their increasing frustrations with the nation’s primary domestic intelligence agency’s increasingly […]

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The Time To Hold Corrupt Bureaucrats Like Christopher Wray Accountable Is Before They Are Even Confirmed

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee agree that FBI Director Christopher Wray needs to be better at his job, but their attempts to rein in the incompetence and scandal plaguing a multitude of federal agencies, including intelligence agencies, just aren’t cutting it. Several Republicans have […]

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FBI Director Sets New Record For Lies, Dodges, And Obfuscations To Avoid Slight Attempts At Congressional Oversight

FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to answer legislators’ questions about his agency’s history of corruption and cover-ups and instead doubled down on defending the FBI’s actions against U.S. citizens during a Senate Judiciary hearing on Thursday. Senators on both sides of the aisle explained their […]

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