McConnell, Thune Join Bad-Faith Dogpile On Tuberville For Fighting Military’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Racket

Since February, Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville effectively prevented the promotion of hundreds of generals and flag officers over Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s commitment to subsidize thousands of abortions for U.S. service members and their families. Tuberville isn’t the only Republican senator who takes issue […]

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CNN Internal Survey Shows Viewers Lost Trust In Network Over ‘Sensational’ Covid Coverage

Viewers lost trust in CNN due to its left-wing bias and histrionic Covid reporting, according to a 2022 survey commissioned by the network. Despite collecting bogus awards for “fact-checking,” and “special achievements” for “placing a premium” on investigative reporting, the network failed to maintain the […]

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China’s Stateside ‘Rent-A-Womb’ Industry Poses Yet Another National Security Nightmare

American policymakers need to get serious about countering the threat from communist China. While the House China Select Committee has announced it will be investigating Chinese investment in U.S. research and academia, farmland, entertainment, social media, and defense contracts, it should also examine the Chinese […]

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There’s Only One Way To Stop The Dylan Mulvaney-fication Of Everything And Complaining On The Internet Isn’t It

While right-wingers were in a spitting rage on Twitter about Bud Light promoting its sponsorship with Dylan Mulvaney, the social media chimera, here’s what happened: Mulvaney continued making money and then partnered with Nike and Olay in yet more corporate sponsorship deals. That people noticed […]

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