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Media Slander GOP States As ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ For Rejecting Voter Database That Compels Pro-Democrat Outreach

After Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia announced last week that they would be withdrawing from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a leftist-controlled group that fuels partisan voter outreach under the guise of simple voter roll maintenance, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media […]

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Media’s Racialized Coverage Of The East Palestine Train Wreck Is Yet Another Toxic Disaster

The hazardous chemical disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent acknowledges in a Feb. 21 column, is “a story about profit-driven rail companies underinvesting in safety, lobbyists weakening rail regulation, and the government’s failure to assure residents’ security from lingering toxins.” Seemingly […]

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To Distract From GOP’s Biden Family Business Investigation, Media Dredge Up More ‘But Trump’ Excuses

One of House Republicans’ first steps after regaining the majority was to launch an investigation into President Joe Biden’s role in the Biden family’s lucrative pay-to-play business. Corporate media, however, are trying to distract from the first family’s scandals by conflating them with the conduct […]

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Corporate Media Can Stomp And Cry All It Wants, Its Special Twitter Privileges Are Ending

Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, corporate journalists freely persecuted their political enemies by posting their identities and locations to enable in-person harassment, but not anymore. This week, Musk decided he’s no longer allowing anyone, including journalists, to jeopardize people’s safety via Twitter, and he began […]

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The Lying Media Told Me Not To Watch Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse,’ So I Did

Archeologists and their friends in the media are losing their minds over author and journalist Graham Hancock’s alternative ancient history Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse.” According to The Guardian, “Ancient Apocalypse is the most dangerous show on Netflix.” It’s “an all out attack on archaeologists,” reads one hit piece on […]

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