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Who is Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard?

TIFFANY Henyard is the first and youngest woman mayor of Dolton. Now, Americans want to know more about the politician and her family life. 2 Tiffany Henyard is the Democratic Mayor of Dalton, IllinoisCredit: Instagram/@tiffanyhenyard Who is Tiffany Henyard? Tiffany Henyard is the mayor of Dolton, […]

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Who is Brianna Suggs?

BRIANNA Suggs has been building a career tied to politics and fundraising. Following the FBI’s search of her home, people want to know more about Mayor Eric Adams’ years-long employee. 2 A Brooklyn house connected to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ chief election campaign […]

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Who is Marianne Williamson?

MARIANNE Williamson’s political causes range between poverty, crime, and the environment. Previously, she ran as a candidate during the 2020 Presidential Election. 2 Marianne Williamson is a political activist and bestselling authorCredit: Alamy Live News Who is Marianne Williamson? Born on July 8, 1952, Marianne […]

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The FBI Isn’t The Only Guilty Party In The ‘Twitter Files,’ And It Isn’t ‘Partisan’ To Say So

Matt Taibbi took to Twitter on Saturday to express his frustration with the politicization of the “Twitter Files.” The fact that a considerable number of the responses to the “Twitter Files” has been right-wing political outrage and leftist “whataboutism” has turned it into a “partisan […]

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