West Virginia’s Top Election Official Demands Congress Give DHS An Ultimatum: Fire 2020 Election Meddlers Or No Funding

West Virginia’s top election official is demanding House Republicans withhold funding from the Department of Homeland Security until the agency fires its recent hires who interfered in the 2020 election to help then-candidate Joe Biden. In a letter sent to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and […]

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Biden DHS Funded Program That Highlighted Video Conflating Conservatives And Nazis In Its Grant Application: Report

A Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “anti-terrorism” program sent funding to an outfit that, in its grant application, included a video conflating conservative and Christian groups with neo-Nazis and terrorists, a new report from the Media Research Center (MRC) suggests. Additionally, in another video […]

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Biden DHS Is Literally Inviting Mexican Officials To Send Batches Of Illegal Aliens Across The Border

Instead of stopping the illegal aliens currently swarming the border thanks to the upcoming expiration of Title 42 — a pandemic-era policy that allowed Border Patrol to immediately expel illegal migrants upon first encounter — the Biden administration is actively facilitating unlawful entries into the […]

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Your Taxes Paid Thousands Of Government Staff Covid Unemployment While They Worked From Home

While millions of jobless Americans struggled to make ends meet during devastating government-mandated lockdowns, thousands of federal employees double-dipped from taxpayer-funded pandemic unemployment funds while mostly working from home. Despite staying on taxpayers’ payroll during the height of the pandemic panic, greedy bureaucrats in the […]

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Third Batch Of Twitter Files Shows Twitter’s Lead Censor Joking About FBI Collusion

The third batch of “Twitter Files,” published by independent journalist Matt Taibbi, revealed Twitter’s former lead censor, Yoel Roth, joking about the company’s collusion with government intelligence entities. “After [Jan. 6, 2021], internal Slacks show Twitter executives getting a kick out of intensified relationships with […]

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Kevin McCarthy Demands DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Resign, Threatens Impeachment

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign Tuesday afternoon after the speaker-elect led a GOP congressional delegation to tour the southern border. “His actions have produced the greatest wave of illegal immigration in recorded history,” […]

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