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AUKUS partnership success hinges on export controls for sensitive tech, officials say 

The future direction of the U.S.’s strategic geopolitical partnerships with Australia and the United Kingdom will focus heavily on modernizing existing security programs and applying emerging technologies to ongoing information sharing.  Government officials working in federal diplomatic policy testified before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing […]

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NIST releases draft standards for 3 post-quantum encryption algorithms

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is taking another large step in its ongoing mission to steer organizations toward post-quantum cyber readiness, announcing the beginning of agency efforts to standardize the four quantum-resistant algorithms identified in 2022. As the world allocates increased funding towards […]

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Whistleblower alleges government coverup of UFO sightings, recovery efforts

A former intelligence official told lawmakers Wednesday that the federal government has misappropriated funds to retrieve and reverse engineer technology from crashed unidentified flying objects and has “non-human” remains in its possession from these recovery efforts. During his explosive testimony under oath before the House […]

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